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Like many college campuses across the country, our University continues to grapple with a decrease in enrollment. In addition, in recent years our campus has also experienced a decrease in state appropriations, which has further decreased decreased revenue. This challenging situation requires an innovative strategy to ensure that our University can not only survive, but continue to thrive and succeed n its mission of respect, responsibility, discovery, and excellence.

The strategy

Our campus strategy involves making strategic decisions based on performance metrics, challenging the status quo, and being transparent with respect to faculty, staff and students when making decisions. See the UM System’s page on budget planning for more information.

What you’ll find here

No successful strategy can be┬ádeveloped without talented people behind it. In this section of the website you’ll find information about the committees involved in planning our fiscal strategy going forward. Likewise, it does no good to create a strategy if you can’t communicate it to your stakeholders, so you’ll also find presentations related to our fiscal situation and how we plan to handle it moving forward.

[TODO: Line graph visual related to how we’re planning on allocating revenue.]