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Claims and losses

Here you’ll find information about what you’ll need to do in the unfortunate event of property damage, injuries, accidents or other forms losses at the University. All incidents should be reported to UM RIM Claims as soon as possible.

Damage report form

This is used to report damage or destruction of any University-owned or leased building or facility, or its equipment, machinery, furniture and fixtures (not including tools, supplies or other expendable items).  This form should be completed and submitted to UM RIM Claims or faxed to 573-882-7861 within 24 hours. Additionally, if an incident involves significant damage please call 573-882-8100 as soon as possible.

Disappearance of assets and money

The theft or disappearance of money, securities, property or equipment owned by the University, rented or leased by or for the University, or for which the University has legally accepted custody and responsibility, is to be reported IMMEDIATELY to the University Police by telephone at 573-882-7201.  This form should be submitted to UM RIM Claims via email or faxed to 573-882-7861 as soon as possible and within 48 hours.

Student or general public injury or property damage report

Accidents and incidents resulting in alleged damage to persons or property involving students or members of the general public occurring on University’s premises (owned, rented or leased) or involving an employee’s position of employment by the University should be reported on this form.

The form can be submitted by a University employee in charge of a student’s activities at the time of an activity or incident involving a student(s); the person in charge of the building or facility or University event sponsor for an activity or event attended by a student or member of the general public; any employee who witnesses an incident or accident or has it reported to them; or campus police, if called to investigate the accident or incident.

This form should be submitted to UM RIM Claims via email or faxed to 573-882-7861 within 48 hours and is intended for internal use only by the University’s Risk & Insurance Management and Office of the General Counsel. If an incident involves significant property damage or bodily injury, please call 573-882-8100 as soon as possible.

Vehicle accidents

Accidents involving University-owned vehicles, any employee-owned vehicle being used for official University business or any vehicle rented or leased by or for the University should be reported on the Vehicle Accident Report Form. The department chair or supervisor should complete the section of the form entitled “Supervisor’s Report of Accident Investigation.”

This form should be submitted to Business Services as soon as possible and within 48 hours. Please do not delay submission of the form if repair information and estimates are not readily available. That information can be submitted separately as soon as it is available. Forms and estimates can be submitted via email to UM RIM Claims or faxed to 573-882-7861.

Vehicle Accident Forms should be included in the glove box of University-owned or -controlled vehicles to facilitate the prompt reporting of accidents. University drivers should not admit fault at the time of the accident, as all facts may not be known to them at the time.


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