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The Division of Finance & Business Services serves as a strategic campus partner to ensure that the University continues to maintain a focused fiscal strategy and a sustainable financial base. Our office assists the wider campus financial community by providing necessary training, information, and resources. Our office seeks to identify and investigate opportunities for improving efficiency.


Why is this important?

Universities across the country continue to grapple with a diverse array of student population needs, as well as ever-increasing financial difficulties. Today’s higher education landscape requires that our University work proactively to provide support, resources, and efficiency improvements. Being efficient at processing transactions is important, however, it’s not enough: Our campus must also examine its overarching financial situation and implement creative solutions to its problems. Our office cannot do this in isolation, however; we need the input, participation, and assistance of fiscal professionals across campus. We’re here to serve as a resource for you so that we can better meet the campus’ financial goals.

 You’re important to us

We believe that:

    • You should expect to receive professional, objective, and timely information and services
    • We must represent the University while striving to help our customers achieve their goals
    • It’s critical to improve and update services, as well as to disseminate relevant information in a continually changing environment