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It’s best to use the Missouri Contract System!

The Division of Finance hosts Missouri Contract System, a PawPrint-protected platform that offers the easiest way to create and submit speaker/lecturer, consulting, and other standard templates. To gain access and training, please contact your division business & finance officer or email us at The Missouri Contract System also provides real-time status of your documents during the review and signature process and a searchable electronic repository of all your fully-signed contracts. If you are unsure which contracting office handles your project, the Missouri Contract System also includes a tool to help get you to the right office by your answering a few simple questions.

Missouri Contract System overview

When do we review agreements?

Business Services reviews and coordinates the approval of contracts for services to the University in any of the following circumstances:

  • The services will not be paid for from grant funds. (Grant-funded contracts should be reviewed and approved by the Office of Sponsored Program Administration).
  • The services will cost more than $500.
  • The agreement includes intellectual property rights (regardless of the dollar amount).
  • The situation involves certain other agreements that contain legal terms and conditions such as student clinical experience agreements, use of facilities/resources agreements, cooperative program agreements with other educational institutions, etc.
  • Business Services also reviews and coordinates approval of all University agreements involving real estate including leases, purchases, sales, easements and rights-of-way.

Your role

You begin the process by conducting the initial negotiations with the individual or company to establish the scope of services to be provided, the time frame in which they are provided, and the amount of compensation for which they will be performed.

You’re responsible for ensuring that any payments made pursuant to a contract are consistent with the terms of the contract and that payments don’t occur before a contract has been properly reviewed and fully signed.

You should be aware that the University’s activities are governed by a number of regulatory authorities and a vast body of law. It’s important that you maintain a basic working knowledge of relevant University regulations, policies, guidelines and practices.

Need assistance?

Guidance on many issues can be found in the MU Business Policy and Procedure Manual, relevant sections include:

We’re here to support you and the important work you do for Mizzou.

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