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Customers make payments as compensation for services or products they have received from the University. This is typically the last step in the payment cycle.  Since cash concentration is an important part of the banking services required by the University, it is important to collect the funds in an effective and efficient manner. The University uses a lockbox for collection of accounts receivable payments.  ARBI invoices contain a remittance encouraging customers to send payments to the lockbox for processing.

Applying customer checks to invoices

If the lockbox was not used and the department received the payment from an ARBI customer, you should complete an ARR cashier deposit and hand deliver the payment to the Cashiers Office in 325 Jesse Hall.

Applying customer wires to invoices

If an ACH or wire payment is received from an ARBI customer, you should complete an  ARR ACH Wire deposit.

Using the Credit Card Portal –  uPay Beginning 4/28/2021

**Please Note:  Due to PCI compliance regulations, all payments on the uPay portal must be made by the customer/cardholder.  The portal cannot be used to accept phone payments on behalf of a customer.

A new online payment portal (uPay) is now available to all ARBI customers.  Starting 04/28/2021, a link to the uPay portal will be printed on all invoices.  The portal will allow customers to submit online credit card payments for their invoices.  Once the payment is successfully processed customers will receive a receipt listing the invoice(s) paid.  Logic is built into the site to prevent duplicate payments, over-payments, and ensure that payments can only be submitted for invoices that have not already been closed.  Access uPay at: