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Financial competency training series

What is FaCTS (Financial Competency Training Series)?

FaCTS is a series of classes offered to any MU employee with fiscal responsibilities. These free 1 to 1.5 hours classes can be taken in any order and are beneficial to MU employees of all experience levels.

Course listing

Bellow you'll find a list of courses available in the series. You can click on each header in the table to sort by various course attributes.

Class # Title Frequency Track Register
1 Introduction to Being an Effective Fiscal Associate Monthly Fundamental Register
2 Roles and responsibilities Monthly Fundamental Register
3 University Accounting: An Overview of Fund Accounting Monthly Fundamental Register
4 How to pay for goods and services Bimonthly Fundamental Register
5 One Card How To’s Biannually Fundamental Register
6 Financial Oversight: A key element in ethical, sustainable and mission-driven organizations Quarterly Intermediate Register
7 Payroll reconciliation Online Fundamental Register
8 Managing Risk through Better Controls Monthly Fundamental Register
9 Accounting for Revenues Quarterly Fundamental Register
10 Cash handling Online Fundamental Register
11 Gifts: Everything You Need to Know (Almost) Online Fundamental Register
12 ARBI (Accounts Receivable/Billing) Introduction Quarterly Fundamental Register
13 ARBI (Accounts Receivable/Billing) Intermediate Biannually Intermediate Register
14 Budgets: An overview of Mizzou’s budget from a campus-wide perspective Quarterly Fundamental Register
15 Hyperion and COGNOS reporting tools Triannually Fundamental Register
16 Contracting at Mizzou – Contracts 101 Quarterly Fundamental Register
17 Assessing Risk and Finding Opportunity in a Changing Environment Intermediate Quarterly Intermediate Register
18 Cognos Query Once per Semester Intermediate Register
19 Contract Portal Training 2 -3 times per semester Intermediate Register

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