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Financial competency training series

What is FaCTS (Financial Competency Training Series)?

FaCTS is a series of classes offered to any MU employee with fiscal responsibilities. These free 1 to 1.5 hours classes can be taken in any order and are beneficial to MU employees of all experience levels.  Live classes are offered from September to May each year.  Several on-demand classes are available 24-7 at your convenience.  You can find the complete course listing in the Finance Channel of Percipio.


Course listing

Below you'll find a list of courses available in the series. You can click on each header in the table to sort by various course attributes.

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Title Prerequisite/ Security Access
Payroll: Payments to Non-US Citizens & Foreign Companies
Payroll: Time Keeper Training
Reporting: Journal Entry in PeopleSoft Finance Required for Journal Entry access
Essentials: A Finance Introduction, MoCodes and More
Essentials: Employee Roles & Responsibilities
Essentials: University Financial Accounting Journey (Fund Accounting)
Purchasing: How To Buy & Pay for Goods and Services Required for Pay Request & Supplier Request
Safeguarding: One Card How Tos
Safeguarding: Financial Monitoring & Controls Essentials: Internal Controls
Payroll: Reconciliation, Policies & Regulations
Essentials: Internal Controls
Revenues: Accounting
Revenues: Cash, Check & Payment Handling Required for CRR access
Revenues: Gifts & Donations
Revenues: ARBI Part 1 (Accounts Receivables / Billing) Required for ARBI access
Revenues: ARBI Part 2 (Accounts Receivables / Billing) Prerequisite Revenues: Accounts Receivables Billing (ARBI) Part 1
Reporting: Workday & Cognos Budget Reporting Tools Must have access to the software tools (Workday and Cognos)
Essentials: Contracts 101
Safeguarding: Assessing Risk of Fraud & Error Prerequisite Safeguarding: Financial Monitoring and Controls
Reporting: Cognos Query
Reporting: PeopleSoft Finance Basic Query

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