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Hyperion is a web-based budget, planning and reporting tool that has been integrated across the University system. Within Hyperion there are three applications:

  • FINPLN – Financials. This module is used to enter and manage annual operating budgets, which contain revenues and details of all operating expenses except for salaries and benefits.
  • LRPPLN – Long range planning. This is used to plan future year budgets.
  • SALPLN – Salary planning. Used to maintain details of salaries and benefits by person and position for annual operating budgets.

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Hyperion allows users to:

  • Enter and maintain budgets in a common system
  • Plan compensation costs in more detail
  • Use more efficient and user-friendly tools for reporting and data analysis
  • Perform long-range planning and forecasting

Below you’ll find a list of resources related to Hyperion:


Budget Office

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