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If you’re in search of someone with a particular area of expertise, you can use the select box below to locate one of our knowledgeable staff members for assistance, or you can simply use the search box to search our entire listing.

Name Area Title Specialty
Mariden Albrecht Cashiers Business Specialist I Student Accounts - Sponsor Billing
Melissa Amos-Landgraf Division Business & Finance Officers
Tammy Armentrout Office Support Ast SR
Victor Arnold Division Business & Finance Officer
Saadiya Aswad Division Business & Finance Officer
Alyssa Bernard Human Resource Services Human Resources Consultant SR
Amy Bohnert Provost-Fiscal Officer Division Business & Finance Officer
Dayla Botts Business Support Specialist SR
Kim Brooks Cashiers Finance Systems Specialist II PeopleSoft functional lead
Rachael Burkart Finance and Accounting Specialist
Shelley Bush Rowe Process & Policy Improvement Director, Process and Policy Improvement
Meghan Carr Cashiers Director of Cahier and Student Loan Repayment Center
Anna Mae Clawson
Pavissa Coleman Human Resource Assistant
Jacob Cox Human Resource Assistant
Rusty Crawford Division Business & Finance Officer
Heiddi Davis Finance Director III Business Administration Space
Will Drath Non-Resident Alien Taxation Specialist
Lisa Fetrow Marketplace Liason
Tracy Fischer Cashiers Business Support Specialist I Student Accounts - Refund Processing
Casey Forbis Contracts Business Services Consultant SR
Danelle Gates Accounting Finance and Accounting Specialist SR General Ledger, Policy questions, (1 more), SR Accountant
Rhonda Gibler Division of Finance Vice Chancellor for Finance
Callie Glascock Division Business & Finance Officer
Kristine Gorham Contracts, Policy & Process Improvement Contracts Specialist
Jennifer Green Accounting, APSS Director I Finance
Tracy Greenup Accounting, APSS, Contracts Director III Business Administration
Michelle Haddock APSS Business Ops Associate II
Jason Hall Communications Coordinator
Kathy Haynes Division Business & Finance Officer
John Haynes Division Business & Finance Officer
Misti Herron Business Support Specialist I
Kristen Hudson Division Business & Finance Officer
Tiffany Hughes Budget, Finance Fin and Acctg Consultant SR Cognos, Workday Planning
Shannon Jarnegan Division Business & Finance Officer
Nicole Kilgore Budget, Finance Director I Finance Cognos, Reports & queries, (1 more), Workday Planning
Lacy King Human Resources Specialist III
Sarah Lenzenhuber Human Resources Specialist II
Todd Mackley Budget, Cashiers Assistant Vice Chancellor
Bill Martin Division Business & Finance Officer
Francie Martin Human Resources Specialist II
Tracey Matheis Finance and Accounting Specialist SR
Amy McKenzie Associate Director of Human Resources
Rebecca McLeland Human Resources Specialist II
Derek Parker Budget, Finance Fin and Acctg Analyst SR Cognos, Reports & queries, (1 more), Workday Planning
Michael Pavich Business Support Specialist II
Chris Provorse Division Business & Finance Officer
Melissa Reed APSS Finance and Accounting Specialist SR
Alisha Rychnovsky Division Business & Finance Officer
Kaitlyn Sadowski Human Resources Specialist II
Philip Sholtis Director III Business Administration
Patrick Smith Division Business & Finance Officers
Cheryl Spang Division Business & Finance Officer
Traci Thomas Executive Assistant
Tracy Turner Business Support Specialist I
Bobbi Walker Manager III Business Admin
Elyne Weibel Cashiers Business Specialist I Payroll deduction, University accounts & grants
Liz Wester Human Resources Specialist II
William Wheeler Division Business & Finance Officer
Terri Williams Finance Office Support Ast SR FaCTS
Tammy Winfrey Division Business & Finance Officer
Nikki Witting Division Business & Finance Officer
Stacy Wright Division Business & Finance Officer
William Zabriskie Manager III Business Admin