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Vendor and customer naming conventions


  • Vendor name searches are case sensitive, so please use all caps.
  • No spaces or punctuation are used in the abbreviation.
  • Two-letter postal abbreviations are used in states listed in vendor names.
  • Please use abbreviations for directions (N, S, E, W, NE etc).
Name Abbreviation
Administration ADMN
Academy ACAD
Agriculture AG
American AMER
Associate(s) ASSOC
Association ASSN
Biology(ical) BIO
Building BLDG
Bureau BUR
Center CTR
Chemistry(ical) CHEM
Columbia COL
Commission COMM
Company CO
Cooperative COOP
Corporation CORP
County CTY
Department(al) DEPT
Development(al) DEV
Diagnostic DIAG
District DIST
Division(al) DIV
Economic ECON
Education EDUC
Elementary ELEM
Employment EMPL
Engineer(ing) ENGR
Environment(al) ENV
Equipment EQUIP
Executive EXEC
Extension EXT
Federal/Federated FED
Foundation FNDTN
General GEN
Government GOVT
Hospital HOSP
Incorporated INC
Independent INDEP
Information INFO
Institute INST
International INTL
Kansas City KC
Laboratory LAB
Library LIB
Limited LTD
Litigation LITI
Management MGMT
Manufacturing MFG
Marketing MKTG
Medical MED
Memorial MEM
National NATL
Nutritional NUTR
Production PROD
Professional PRO
Protection PROT
Psychiatry/Psychology PSYCH
Publication/Publishing PUB
Region(al) REG
Rehabilitation REHAB
Resource(s) RES
Saint ST
Saint Louis STL
Science(s) SCI
Secondary SEC
Service(s) SVC
Society SOC
System(s) SYS
State ST
System(s) SYS
Technical(ology) TECH
United States US
University UNIV
Veteran’s Administration VA
Veterinary(ian) VET
Volunteer VOL