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Checking for the existence of a customer (TODO: some kind of reusable process/step mechanism?)

  1. Log into PeopleSoft production (TODO: Need link)
  2. From the main menu, click Customers -> Customer information -> General information
  3. Enter the customer name in the “Name 1” form field, using the appropriate naming conventions for vendors and customers (TODO: Need link)
    1. Tip: You may narrow your search by entering more search criteria such as postal code for the invoice mailing address, or customer telephone number
  4. If an appropriate customer address can be located, you may proceed to bill the customer

What if a customer billing address does not exist?

New customers must be requested via the UM Customer Request Outlook form. To use this form:

  • Access the Home -> New Items -> More Items -> Choose Form from the main Outlook menu.
  • Select the UM Customer Request form.
  • Please send this form to the MU ACCTG ACCT REC email address.

Important: Information for new customers will be entered exactly as it has been listed on this form. Please double check information before submitting.

Delaying a write-off

Write-offs may be delayed by request using “UM Request to Delay AR Write-Off” Outlook form. This form can submitted by:

  1. Selecting Home -> New Items -> More Items -> Choose Form from the main outlook menu.
  2. Selecting the UM Request to Delay AR Write-Off form.
  3. Sending the completed form to the MU ACCTG ACCT REC (TODO: shortcode for this?) email address.

Important: Approved invoices will have their write-offs delayed for one month only. Additional form submissions and approvals are required to extend a write-off date to after the end of the current month.

Reviewing your aging report (Note: PDF appears out-of-date.)

Could link to a document here, this is just to test to see what content my look like on-page.

  1. Select PS Search Options from the web applications listing on the UM System website
  2. (Authenticate?)
  3. Select AR/BI Aging Report from the drop-down menu, a report search screen should display
  4. Select a the Detail report type option
  5. Select the name of your operation from the Billing Specialist drop-down menu, click the go button
    1. Tip:Tip: To print your report, use the print icon near the top of the screen

Useful ARBI queries

Important: If your offices would like to modify these queries to better suit your needs please save them with a different name, so that the original query will not be modified. These are intended for use by everyone using ARBI.

  1. BI_INVOICES_NOT_PRINTED – This query produces a list of all non-cancelled invoices that have not been printed. This would mean the invoice has just been created, has a BCM error, or is in hold status.
  2. BI_INVOICE_CANCEL_ADJUST – This query produces a list of all invoices that have been either cancelled or adjusted.
  3. BCM_ERRORS_BI – This query produces a list of all invoices containing BCM errors.  These errors must be corrected prior the invoice printing or posting to the GL.
  4. CUSTOMER_BALANCES_UMKC – This query produces a list of current balances for all UMKC customers.  This query may be modified to fit your campus.
  5. AR_ACTIVITY_DEPTID – This query produces a list of all AR activity by DeptID for a particular Business Unit.
  6. AR_ACTIVITY_DEPTID_DT_RANGE – This query produces a list of all AR activity by DeptID for a particular Business Unit.  Prompts for date range and you need to use the day prior to your begin date and the day after your end date to get the full range you need.
  7. AR_ACTIVITY_TYPE – This query produces a list of all AR activity by Bill Type for a particular Business Unit.
  8. AR_OPEN_ITEMS_BI_SPECIALIST – This query lists outstanding invoices and prompts by Billing Specialist.  An alternative report would be the Aging Report located in the PS Search Options on the MIS Web Applications site.
  9. AR_PAYMENT_SEARCH  This query allows you to search for a payment by amount.
  10. BILL_PAYMENT_SEARCH  This query allows you to search for an invoice amount in the event you don’t know the invoice number.
  11. PAYMENT_SEARCH_BY_CK_NUMBER   This query allows to you search for a payment by entering the check number, which needs to be 15 characters starting with CK or CC.
  12. PAYMENT_SEARCH_BY_CUSTID  This allows you to search for all payments that have posted to the customer number.
  13. ARBI_PROJECT_LOOKUP  Provides the user with project end dates based on the active or inactive file in PS.
  14. ARBI_WRITEOFFS  Prompts for business unit and returns a list of all Write Offs and Reverse Write Offs done in PS.  May sort by business unit for locating the write offs of an individual department. Query must be run in Production.
  15. AR_CUSTOMER_ACCOUNT   This query prompts for customer number and returns a list of invoices and OA’s sorted by group id.  It is useful in identifying OA matches to invoices without having to use PS panels and also returns ck numbers when the payment was directly applied.  This may be beneficial when researching a customer’s payment history and needing a breakdown by invoice.  Query must be run in Production.
  16. ARBI_ALL_INVOICES_OPRID   Prompts for Business Unit, Invoice Dates, and Operator Id.  Provides the user with a list of invoices created by the operator id within the time frame specified.
  17. AR_OPEN_INVOICES Provides the user with a current list of all open AR items in the system (not including on accounts or credit invoices).  This can be a useful tool when searching for an invoice solely by amount.
  18. AR_WORKC_LEDGER_BAL – This query is to be run monthly to determine which items remain in the BU WORKC at the end of every month.  The items listed in the query results must be transferred to a campus BU at the end of every month in order for the month to close with WORKC in balance.  The Ledger query identifies the amount.  The Customer query identifies the customer(s).  The campuses are to run these queries periodically throughout the month to keep the balance at a minimum.
  19. CUSTOMER_BALANCE_BU – This query produces a list of current balances.  The BU is prompted, therefore it can be used for any BU. This query is to be run in Production.
  20. ARBI_CREDIT_REVIEW_BY_BILLER – Query prompts for billings specialist and date range and returns all credit invoices within that date range.  Let me know when the list is updated so I can print off a copy.
  21. DC_BILLING_DETAIL_ITEM_DST – query that can be used to look up the details of a BI.

Vendor and customer naming conventions

TODO: Come up with some way of automating this?

Name Abbreviation
Administration ADMN
Agriculture AG
American AMER
Association ASSN
Biology(ical) BIO
Building BLDG
Center CTR
Chemistry(ical) CHEM
Columbia COL
Commission COMM
Company CO
Cooperative COOP
Corporation CORP
County CTY
Department(al) DEPT
Development(al) DEV
Diagnostic DIAG
District DIST
Division(al) DIV
Economic ECON
Education EDUC
Employment EMPL
Engineer(ing) ENGR
Environment(al) ENV
Equipment EQUIP
Executive EXEC
Extension EXT
Federal/Federated FED
Foundation FNDTN
General GEN
Government GOVT
Hospital HOSP
Incorporated INC
Information INFO
Institute INST
International INTL
Kansas City KC
Laboratory LAB
Library LIB
Limited LTD
Management MGMT
Manufacturing MFG
Marketing MKTG
Medical MED
National NATL
Nutritional NUTR
Production PROD
Professional PRO
Psychiatry/Psychology PSYCH
Publication/Publishing PUB
Rehabilitation REHAB
Saint Louis STL
Science(s) SCI
Service(s) SVC
Society SOC
System(s) SYS
Technical(ology) TECH
United States US
University UNIV
Veterinary(ian) VET


  • Vendor name searches are case sensitive, so please use all caps.
  • No spaces or punctuation are used in the abbreviation.
  • Two-letter postal abbreviations are used in states listed in vendor names.
  • Please use abbreviations for directions (N, S, E, W, NE etc).